Buying a new home can be easy. Let us show you.

Whether you're a first time home buyer or this is your place for retirement, purchasing a new home can be stressful and often times overwhelming. Searching for information to make an informed decision can often take up

more time than what is necessary, taking away from joy of new home ownership. We've compiled helpful information to assist throughout the process so you can focus on the important stuff, like finding a Stellar Home.


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Take the stress out of home buying.

A real estate transaction can be an emotional roller coaster, especially for first-time buyers. A home is not an everyday purchase—you’re buying your future, the place where your kids will grow up and a lifetime of memories will be made. A house has a much higher price tag than anything else you’ve ever bought. That alone can be scary. The money and emotions can make for a big cocktail of stress, but keep reading below to learn how to set yourself up for success. Remember, preparation is key and the old saying 'knowledge is power' is true.

Christina Barerra -Realtor - Coldwell Banker Tomlinson

A good agent makes a difference.

Choosing the right real estate agent is one of the most important decisions that you will make when you're ready to buy a home. A good agent can help you navigate the buying process with minimal stress, and can inform you of the differences when comparing home builders. Often times there is more to home building than meets the eye. While two different homes may look similar at an initial glance, there can be drastic differences in the quality, craftsmanship and features throughout. At Stellar Homes, we are so confident in our product that we invite you to compare us; we recommend using an experienced new construction agent to guide you on your decision process when look to purchase and build a new home.

Christina Barrera (our experienced listing agent) is always available to offer you an in depth look at how Stellar Homes is surpassing the competition.

A journey for the truth.

Ultimately, making an informed decision is key. With all of the information available on the internet, it may feel even more overwhelming to navigate the vast sea of information found online. As stated above, the most important thing do is find an experienced agent who can answer your questions and guide you towards your dream home. Choose an agent who has experience in new construction and can assist you with sorting out the truth.

Whether you're a first time homebuyer or an experienced veteran, there are many financial programs to assist you with your purchase. Every year rates, terms, and available programs can change, and having a trustworthy, modern lending institution can be a blessing in today's world. Financing your home is a huge investment so choosing a reputable lender is paramount. For honest clear information on mortgages and home financing we would suggest visiting your local credit union, or a highly rated mortgage company. There are many reputable institutions who will assist you, just take the time to ensure their lending practices are ethical.

When shopping home builders or properties, it's best to start with the feature sheets and compare. You'd be surprised to find many builders leave out basic features and charge them as an upgrade. It's important to remember that feature sheets don't list everything included in the home, so don't be afraid to ask! Work with your agent to ask questions as you compare homes. If a builder seems upset by a question or doesn't give you a straight answer, they probably have something to hide.

The next step is to see the product for yourself. Have your agent show you available homes, even if the specific home you are interested isn't ready to view. It's nice to admire those quartz countertops and the furniture they stage the home with, but it's important to pay attention to the details as they can give you a clear understanding of the quality and craftsmanship. Do seams and edges line up? Do you notice uneven gaps throughout the house? Does the house flow naturally as you walk through it? While some of these may not represent the structural integrity of the house, they are reflective of the  builder's attention to detail and the standards of quality.

Stay tuned for more... but until then, we've included some links to trustworthy and helpful organizations to assist you with your purchase towards the bottom of the page.

Selecting the right Builder.

Things to remember when purchasing a new construction home.

  • Find out what the standard features are and start there. What's standard may differ drastically between builders.
  • You have choices. Choose a builder who is ready to work with you. Are you an important client or just a number?
  • Educate yourself and let the home speak for itself. The difference is in the details.
  • Make sure your builder has a great reputation and is proud of their work.
  • Use an experienced agent to navigate the world of new construction.

Why Stellar Homes?

The difference is in the details with Stellar Homes.

At Stellar Homes, we build with passion. Each individual homebuyer matters to us, and we've made it our mission to deliver our clients their dream home. Each of our homes are meticulously designed with livability in mind. We value a quality product and good reputation over profit and believe the difference is in the details. We are proud of the homes we build and invite you to compare us with the competition.

The difference is in the details

From the very first nail pounded, every step of your home's building process is overseen and built by a team of individuals that are passionate about their craft. We believe in building a home rich with features and premium materials throughout. We don't charge extra for features like others and our homes are built "ready to be lived in" with the thought of you in mind, because let's face it... the home is a place where memories are made life is enjoyed.

Helpful Information

We wanted to share some links to additional information that may benefit you on your journey towards new home ownership. While we don't have any relationships with the organizations listed below, we do feel confident in recommending them as place to start. 

At Stellar Homes, our goal is not to "sell" you a home. We believe in educating and empowering people to make the best decisions for themselves. So far this philosophy has blessed us with countless genuine client relationships, all of who have chosen to live their lives and raise their families in a Stellar Home. Most importantly, we look forward to many more to come and welcoming you to your new Stellar Home!


Find the Right House?

Here's a less serious look at signs you've found the right home. The Balance writer Elizabeth Weintraub sheds some light on what it feels like when you found "the one".

Financial Education

Mortgage education is provided by the FHFA. If you're unsure of how home financing works or maybe want to brush up on your knowledge start here. They also have information for those effected by COVID-19.

Hapo Financing

While there are many reputable lenders in the Tri-Cities, Hapo Credit Union is one of our regions top institutions for lending. Click on the logo link above to learn more about their available financing options.